The Student

The first class of students for the South Carolina College of Pharmacy matriculated in August 2006, and has now enrolled its second class. The SCCP has 190 students in each class - 110 on the USC campus; 80 on the MUSC campus. In total, over 700 pharmacy students are enrolled on the campuses of the University of South Carolina and the Medical University of South Carolina. Both the existing USC and MUSC colleges of pharmacy will maintain their independent status as accredited programs through 2010. Each will each graduate its last class of Pharm.D. students in 2009.

Our professional students join the College from throughout the state of South Carolina, and around the country. Their pre-pharmacy grades are outstanding, and PCAT scores top the nation. While our program is '2-4' (two years pre-pharmacy and four years for the Pharm.D.), nearly one-third of our students have an undergraduate degree.

During the four-year Pharm.D. program, our students are introduced to the work environment through a series of Experiential rotations which begin the summer after their first year, and culminate with nine rotations during their fourth year.


The Program

The College offers eight rigorous programs of study. In addition to earning a PharmD, students have the opportunity to pursue a dual degree (MBA or graduate degree), a Ph.D or do post-graduate work as a resident. Our nationally-renowned faculty and our state-wide experiential practice sites combine to form a powerful academic program on par with the finest in the country.


The South Carolina College of Pharmacy offers or is affiliated with residency programs in hospital settings and in community settings.

Program Offerings

Continuing Education Program
Both Campuses of the South Carolina College of Pharmacy are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) as providers of Continuing Pharmacy Education.

Experiential Program

Students at the South Carolina College of Pharmacy, and the MUSC and USC Colleges of Pharmacy, receive outstanding classroom experiences from respected and accomplished faculty. Through Pharmacy Practice Experiences, our students receive hands-on, practical experience, have opportunities to hone their skills, and are introduced to a wide variety of career opportunities. 

Global Opportunities

The South Carolina College of Pharmacy (SCCP) is committed to globalization. The College is a professional program that actively seeks international partnerships to create opportunities for research and scholarship. Students and faculty coming to the SCCP can participate in a program that offers distinctive, high-quality education and training components that are among the best of pharmacy programs in the United States.