Sarah Kim and Savannah Poskevich won the local student Clinical Skills Competition of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) and will represent the South Carolina College of Pharmacy (SCCP) at the

You are scheduled to undergo a minor inpatient procedure at the hospital. Friends and family immediately sound alarms:

ADHD drug identified as potential solution for “wasting away” during chronic disease

Withering away.

Kim Creek’s groundbreaking research has been turning heads.

South Carolina College of Pharmacy's Nana Asahi found he could make a real difference in Ghana by helping healthcare workers there better understand how to interact with their patients.

Brie Dunn MUSC '08 R '09 '10, assistant professor of clinical pharmacy and outcomes sciences on the University of South Carolina (USC) campus of the South Carolina College of Pharmacy (SCCP), was named the 2014 ACCP New Educator of the Year and will receive the award during the A

If one of the keys of success is the ability to communicate, Kelly Hunt has got it.

The 1995 graduate of MUSC pharmacy welcomed the Class of 2018 as the keynote speaker during the White Coat Ceremony on August 20 in the Drug Discovery Building.

South Carolina College of Pharmacy (SCCP) faculty members Nicole Bohm, Kristy Brittain and Amy Thompson all won Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) awards, presented at the 2014 Faculty Convocation.

An inaugural donation of 1,000 synthetic samples to the South Carolina Compound Library (SCCL) from Charles Beam, emeritus professor of chemistry at the College of Charleston, added significantly to the growing compound library at South Carolina College of Pharmacy's campus at th

COLUMBIA, S.C. – The University of South Carolina was awarded an $11.3 million federal grant to create a research center dedicated to finding the next generation of drugs to treat everything from diabetes to cancer. 


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