Beginning Fall Semester 2013, the South Carolina College of Pharmacy required incoming P1 students to begin classes equipped with a laptop or notebook computer. This requirement is necessary for computer based testing, research, in-class access of electronic course materials and for the viewing of lecture recordings. During fall orientation P1 students will be assisted in setting up their computers with access on the University wireless networks.

Only laptop or notebook computers are acceptable. IPads, Smartphones, Kindles and other tablet devices are not acceptable and will not meet the requirement.

Meeting the Requirement

Options for purchasing a recommended computer system:

MUSC Campus - Purchase directly from vendor of choice

USC Campus -

Verify your computer meets the minimum standards listed below.


Processor Intel i3, i5, i7
(i5 or higher recommended)
or AMD equivalent
Intel i5 or Higher
Memory 4 GB or more
(8 GB recommended)
4-8 GB or more
(RAM cannot be upgraded after purchase)
Hard drive 300 GB or greater 256 GB or greater
Wireless WiFi (802.11 G/N/AC) WiFi (802.11 G/N/AC)
Wired Card* 100/1000 Mbps Ethernet Port
or USB Ethernet Adapter
Apple Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
or USB Ethernet Adapter
Network Cable 3’ or 5’ Patch Cord 3’ or 5’ Patch Cord
*The South Carolina College of Pharmacy administers computer based testing through Blackboard using Respondus Lockdown browser.  Online testing requires a continuous, uninterrupted connection and thus students are required to use a WIRED connection during exams.


Software discounts are available to students for Microsoft Office and other products
MUSC Campus
  Microsoft Office: Contact Compusult at 1-800-992-6058 or online at
  Antivirus: Virus protection software is provided to students at no cost.
USC Campus

Microsoft Office and OneDrive Storage:

USC students can get up to 5 Office 365 license for free while they are registered students.

  1. Office 365 – Log in to Office 365 online at
  2. Log in with your email address (i.e. and password. Your email  inbox will be displayed.
  3. To download Microsoft Office choose Settings (gear icon in top right corner), Office 365 settings and Software. Follow the prompts to install Office.
  Antivirus: Students can download Symatec Endpoint Protection (PC/Mac), Sophos (Mac), or Microsoft Security Essentials for free by logging into and selecting the appropriate software under the "Software for Home" and "Security" section.


Operating System

Windows 7, 8.1, 10
(Recommended: Professional Edition)

Windows RT is NOT recommended

OS 10.8, 10.9 or Higher
MS Office 2010, 2013 or 2016
(Student pricing available. See below.)
Microsoft Office for Mac 2008, 2011 or 2016
(Student pricing available. See below)
Adobe Reader
Antivirus Current antivirus software Current antivirus software


The South Carolina College of Pharmacy IT Support Team is prepared to provide assistance with getting student laptops connected to the University of South Carolina and Medical University of South Carolina wireless networks and preparation for use with Exam software.
The South Carolina College of Pharmacy IT Support Team will NOT provide support for the following:
   - Internal or External Hardware repair
 - Warranty coordination
 - Computer Partitioning and reformatting
 - Virus/Malware/Spyware removal or remediation
 - Operating System installation/reinstallation
 - Software installation or uninstallation
 - Backing up and restoring of computer
 - Wired or Wireless connectivity (Beyond initial connection during orientation)
 - Operating system optimizations or configuration changes
Students requiring additional support beyond network connectivity should contact their respective University campus helpdesk for further support
MUSC Campus
  Student Technology Support Services Desk
Location: 4th floor of the Library
Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11 -3 pm
Additional information can be found at
USC Campus
  iCare Center
Location: First Floor of UTS, 1244 Blossom Street (corner of Blossom and Sumter streets)
Hours: Monday thru Friday, 9am – 5 pm
Phone: (803) 777-1800
Additional information can be found at

Recommended (Optional)

Warranty (PC) 3 Year, On Site Warranty 
(Mac) AppleCare Protection Plan
Insurance If your computer is not covered by your homeowner's or renter's policy against theft or damage, you should consider purchasing a c omputer insurance policy. Several companies write this type of insurance whic h can cover repairs or complete replacement of damaged or lost/stolen computers.
Carry Case Protective case which is large enough to carry computer and some supplies
Portable Storage Portable USB key or external storage device for transfer and backing up of data
Cloud Storage Sign up for file hosting service for the purposes transfer and backing up of flies. Cloud Storage Services