The Department of Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences provides training in the basic sciences to professional and graduate students. Training provides fundamentals in the physical and biological sciences that underlie health-related research. Research training in the department encompasses the understanding of disease mechanisms, drug action and toxicity, and the design and development of pharmaceutical agents and is supported by a NIH training grant. Graduates of the program (Pharm.D/Ph.D. or Ph.D.) can pursue diverse and exciting career opportunities in academia, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, or government agencies. The job market for new Ph.D.s in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences is one of the best in the physical or biological sciences. The Department has 29 faculty members and ranks 23rd in NIH research funding. 

We are committed to being a leader in the discipline and are continuing a growth phase that will culminate in a faculty of 35-40 by 2010. 

Research efforts in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences are focused in four areas: Chemical Biology/Medicinal Chemistry, Cancer Prevention and Treatment, Mitochondrial Biology, and Cell Death, Injury and Regeneration. Departmental research interfaces with research foci of the Medical University and University of South Carolina, including Structural Biology, Lipidomics, Neuroscience, Cardiovascular Pathophysiology, Oncology, and Nanobiotechnology.