South Carolina College of Pharmacy Diversity Plan

(Revised March 2014)

Goal 1:

To achieve a student body, faculty, staff and college administrative leadership that is representative of the populace in South Carolina, particularly relative to ethnicity and gender. 

Goal 2:

To achieve diversity in all college activities, functions, and recognitions (such as advisory boards, guest speakers, distinguished alumni, preceptors) and encourage multiculturalism in college activities and functions.

Goal 3:

To achieve a college environment that is recognized as welcoming and supportive of diversity.


 To educate our faculty, staff, and students about diverse populations in order to better work with and serve such populations.


To continue to maintain a strong consideration of diversity on the South Carolina College of Pharmacy campuses.


Diversity of the SCCP faculty, staff, and student body is essential to developing a welcoming and inclusive environment and to our goal of becoming a top college of pharmacy1. It is also an expectation of the people who we serve. Diversity refers not only to race and ethnicity, but also to gender, religion, age, and many other factors. A diverse college creates new ideas and perspectives, and pharmacy graduates who can better serve the populace of South Carolina. The SCCP faculty, staff, and students recognize the value of diversity among its members.

Our universities actively promote and encourage diversity and have organized efforts to promote diversity. It is important for the college to demonstrate its commitment as well. Achieving greater diversity in the college will require concerted efforts of faculty (including administration), staff, and students. 

[1] The definition of diversity used by the College is:
A situation that includes representation of multiple (ideally all) groups within a prescribed environment, such s a university or a workplace. This word most commonly refers to differences between cultural groups, although it is also used to describe differences within cultural groups, e.g. diversity within the Asian-American culture includes Korean Americans and Japanese Americans. An emphasis on accepting and respecting cultural differences by recognizing that no one culture is intrinsically superior to another underlies the current usage of the term.

College Mission Statement

The SCCP is an education, research, and service enterprise that make the best use of state resources, student tuition, grant funds, and endowment funds to:

  • Produce pharmacists at an advanced level of practice to provide pharmaceutical care and serve the health needs of SC citizens related to medications.
  • Develop and apply expertise in economics, epidemiology, and health outcomes assessment to guide population-level drug policy at the local, state, and federal level to make the best decisions regarding medications.
  • Develop and apply research skills in biomedical sciences to discover, develop, and test new drug therapies to treat or prevent important health problems.
  • Serve as a national leader in pharmacy education and research.
  • Promote life-long learning for practitioners.
  • Seek and welcome students, faculty and staff members regardless of factors such as gender, race, age, nationality, religion or disability while recognizing the benefits of diversity.

College Core Values Statement

We share a commitment to excellence in education, research and practice.

We recognize and embrace the importance of professional service on a local, regional national and international level.

We provide community leadership and support,

We foster an environment where integrity, accountability, respect and collegiality are expected.

We advance the tenet that the SCCP is a member-driven organization that has accessible administrative leadership that empowers faculty, staff, students and alumni to shape the direction of the College

We actively promote diversity in an environment where students, faculty, and staff are welcome regardless of factors such as race, gender, nationality, religion, or disability.