The SmartState Center for Translational Cancer Therapeutics (TCT)

The SmartState Center for Translational Cancer Therapeutics (TCT) at SCCP was established in 2011,
under the direction of Dr. Igor Roninson, through a state-funded Endowed Chair program.
The Translational Cancer Therapeutics Program goal is the discovery of new drug targets and development
of novel drugs and approaches for the treatment of cancer.

Principal interests in research include:

  • Developing personalized cancer therapy based on target and drug discovery through functional genomics and chemical genomics (Roninson, Shtutman)
  • Chemical genomics of tumor microenvironment (Roninson, Kiaris, Broude)
  • Mechanisms and pharmacological modulation of a damage-inducible signal transduction pathway implicated in cancer
  • Maintenance of chromosome stability by homologous recombination (HR) DNA repair mechanisms and cancer progression (Wyatt, Pittman)
  • Developing combinatorial approaches of newly discovered drugs with existing therapies for breast and prostate cancer (Broude, Roninson, Chen)