USC Pre-Pharmacy Announcements

The Pharmacy Program

The Pre‑Pharmacy program at USC is designed to prepare incoming first-year and transfer students to meet admissions requirements. Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program in the College of Pharmacy.  The Pre‑Pharmacy program is an intensive two‑year course of study that includes courses in the life sciences, mathematics, social sciences, and the liberal arts.

Advantages of enrolling into the Pre-Pharmacy program at USC include:

  • Pre-Pharmacy Advisors who are available year round
  • Pharm.D. admissions guidance
  • Connections to a pharmacy network  of faculty, pharmacists, & professional students
  • PCAT, Resume, Interview, and Professionalism workshops
  • Research, shadowing,  and other experiential learning  opportunities with pharmacy faculty
  • Opportunities to join a pre-pharmacy organization and/or two professional organizations in pharmacy
  • Opportunity to obtain a B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences
    • Only available to students accepted into the Pharm.D.  program at the USC Campus
    • Other criteria apply (see additional requirements under the Optional B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences).
  • Conditional Acceptance – USC Pre-Pharmacy students ONLY
    • Offers early notification of admissions status during the sophomore year for the professional PharmD program
    • Pre-Pharmacy students must meet  minimum GPA requirements, complete  all application materials, and be invited for a fall interview to be considered for conditional acceptance
    • The “conditions” include maintaining the minimum GPA requirement with the posting of fall semester grades in the sophomore year
    • Other “conditions” also apply

In Fall 2016 73% of the incoming class for the PharmD program at the College of Pharmacy were USC Pre-Pharmacy students. USC Pre-Pharmacy students are ~2 times more likely to be accepted into the Pharm.D. program than non-USC students.