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Getting Started

Congratulations and welcome to the South Carolina College of Pharmacy, USC Campus!  We look forward to seeing you on campus. To help with the transition, we've created a document retrieval system for items sent through email in order to get you started as a PharmD student in the Fall 2016 entering class of the South Carolina College of Pharmacy.  


Co-Curricular Baseline Assessment & Personal Goal

Baseline Assessment Activity:  Complete the following self-assessment via the below link.  Be realistic with your baseline assessment as you will re-assess your progress each year in the PharmD curriculum.  Following completion of the link, there is nothing to upload to Blackboard for this requirement.

Personal Goal Activity:  Create a personal goal surrounding co-curricular activities that you will focus on during your P1 year.
You may create this goal in either a Word or PDF document.  Once created, upload via the "Attachments" instructions on Blackboard.

  • Be certain when creating this goal that it is achievable during the P1 year.
  • You should address which subdomains you rated yourself lowest on.
  • Your goal should be focused on the area (i.e. Subdomain) that you feel you need the most improvement on.  This area may or may not be the Subdomain you rated yourself lowest in.  Instead, it may be a particular area that you are currently most interested in.


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