MUSC Campus Closed, USC & GHS Remain Open


Due to Hurricane Irma, the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) campus of the South Carolina College of Pharmacy

(SCCP) is closed until further notice; the University of South Carolina (USC) and Greenville Health Systems (GHS) campuses remain open.

Students should monitor the SCCP website and their email for individual campus updates, and check with campus coordinator for specific

class information. 

Classes may be cancelled on one campus but may continue on the other two if the lecturer is on one of the open campuses. 

If an exam is cancelled, the exam is cancelled on all three campuses whether or not one or two campuses are still open. 

These policies only apply to the SCCP P3 students.  Please follow respective campuses policies for the P1 and P2 classes

and exam schedule.  The Experiential Education team is working with the P4s out on rotation.