USC Interprofessional Educational (IPE) Committee Holds Two-day Retreat 

The USC Interprofessional Educational (IPE) Committee recently completed a two-day Strategic Planning Retreat to answer this question: What must we do to be the cutting-edge institution for interprofessional education?  The retreat focused on positioning IPE for success in addition to building and strengthening current IPE activities at the University.  The retreat was just one aspect of the recent “iCare, Interprofessional Collaborative for Avoiding Readmissions through Education” USC Research Engagement Collaborative (REC) grant awarded to a comprehensive research team representing all the Health Sciences, including SCCP Clinical Pharmacy and Outcome Sciences Clinical Assistant Professors Betsy Blake and Brie Dunn.  The project is designed to create the first longitudinal, inter-professional clinical training program and randomized control trial in the country to address the country’s grand challenge of hospital readmissions, using students in different disciplines. 

Pictured above are representatives of the core research team from the iCare  grant representing academia and strategic community partners, including PI Teri Browne from Social Work (front row, 4th from left, holding sign) and Brie Dunn from Pharmacy (first row, on the far right)  (Not pictured from Pharmacy:  Betsy Blake)