Hanna Rac

:: Hana Rac 

Hometown: It’s hard…Columbia, SC and Sarajevo, Bosnia
Graduation Year: 2015
PGY1 Program: Emory University Hospital

(Interviewed on July 30, 2015)

What drew you to Emory?  Best part about your residency thus far?

I liked that it had an Infectious Diseases PGY2, was an academic med center, felt like she would fit in during interview, and only 3 or so hours from Columbia.   Getting to know everyone she will be working with.  

I know it’s only been a month, but what memorable experiences have you had so far during residency?

Lots of code experiences so far.  They’re pretty cool…

What events or activities were the most valuable to you that you participated in as a student?

Mock interviews were very helpful to prepare.   Outside of residency preparation, I really enjoyed the IHI meetings. 

How did you prepare for the residency showcases & Midyear?

I set up a spreadsheet with all of the programs I wanted to see, with booth number, program info (from their websites), and questions I wanted to ask.  I left space to answer questions and thoughts about program.  The showcases helped me rule out places I didn’t want to apply to after meeting with them.

How did you prepare for the residency application/interview process?

I got as many CV reviews as as possible and attended all of the pre-residency seminar series..  I also wrote out answers to all of the example questions (available on the pre-residency website) . I brainstormed interventions and sample scenarios from rotations too because they like to ask a lot of those type of questions. 

What was the most difficult/memorable interview question you were asked?

What was your favorite movie that you have seen in theatres in recently?  Really caught me off guard even though I love going to the movies.  I ended up answering Pitch Perfect

What would be your answer to that question now?

Would go with Pitch Perfect 2  : ).

What, if anything, do you wish you had done differently to prepare for residency as a student?

I wish I had taken a general adult internal medicine rotation. 

What one piece of advice would you have for students interested in pursuing a residency position?        

I would recommend starting early if possible and try to get involved in leadership, research, and be involved outside of the realm of academics.  They definitely want to know that side of you.    

What are your current plans for next year?

PGY2 in Infections Diseases is the current plan!